In the midst of chaos, there is a place of peaceful quietness.

This place is in the eye of the storm. Find it!

Rains feed nature. And nature responds. The pictures here show the impact of a good rainfall.

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The Gardenshed.

Converting an old, unused doghouse.

And the secrets of the craft.

Today, Juli 8, 2020, the nice shed, previous doghouse, has grown a little again. The tatcher showed me what to do next, before he can start. The more i do myself, the less expenses i have to make. The pictures show the status of this day.

When more work is done, i will put it here probably, but maybe not.

Saturday, July 11. One corner is done, and awaits cementing. To skive the roof tiles is a very dusty job, hence the water, to be able to cut mostly under it. I wear a gasmask to prevent inhaling too much baked clay. Not my favorite job. It gets postponed very easy. I hope today, Tuesday, july 14, the other corner will get the proper attention.

It was today, friday, juli 17 2020, i finished the left corner. Due to other activities and rain the other days. Real freedom means you can decide. You can choose to do whatever you want to do, at any time you want to do it. Or you can meditate. Or whatever you think is nice to do. These ‘on the job’ pictures are kind like guides. For when you want to do something yourself, and want to know how. But mainly also for myself, to keep track of what i am doing.

Today: Wednessday July 22, 2020. We got some very useful material for free. Several square meters, i guess about a hundred. We had to pick them up, so, not enough time to finish the preparations for the thatcher. Tomorrowmorning the last load for now. Than hopefully finish prep the roof for the reed.

Today, september 1, 2020, around 17:00 h. i finished the work on the shed that had to be done for the thatcher to cover the roof.

I also redid the pavement with the nice stones we got for free. This looks so much better.

I am very glad, that after this long time, finally, the work i could do myself, is done. A heatwave, and a lot of other work, interfered with this job. But now, the roof can be covered with reed. I hope the thatcher has some sparetime to finish.

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