Life Force announces to fund restoration projects.


This news is truly wunderful! If it is true…

For 40 years, the government, and the local government have tried everything to stop me from from developing this project of mine.

Ofcourse this is ‘not true’, according to the rulers, that do the affairs off as ‘coincidental’. But i know this is a trent, they follow this strategy with all people, that do not fit their system, and want to be free. They publicly disgrace those people, take their money, their job, and destroy their reputation.

If the project gets funded, this would be a great victory against the Deep State, that has infiltrated the powerstructure of all countries in the entire world.

Above the state of the old house now. Decay allways had some atraction to me. I like when it is hard to see, wetter a place is breaking down, or built up.

The presence of death inside life, is allways magical. And belongs there, trying to deny its presence, shows fear of it. I have no fear of Death. But i respect it.

Life and Death are both present at the same time, so why try to conceal it?

This all, has to do with the creative powers. One thing goes away, another one takes its place. It is a quite natural thing. Birth, Growth, Bloom, Withering, Death.