Freedom, worth your while?

Become truth.

After having been detained, you notice better that freedom out of jail is a much bigger illusion.

I learned many things there. Time to reflect is a necessary need. To meditate half an hour twice a day also. Eat OMAD (one meal a day) also, and the most important: Know what you eat, and stay away from processed food, bread and sugar, and very important: synthetic of otherwise processed oils, if you want to regain real health, and the most important: Stop believing the lies and propaganmda they try to feed you by the mass media. Because if you don’t? You will most certainly get killed, sooner than you think: They are at it right now.

The only thing that really matters is that you get rid of all negative thoughts, by exchanging them for positives, because the law of attraction multiplies what you focus on. Be negative, you get more negative, be positive, you get more positive.

So, dreaming, and living your own dream is the best to stay alive healthy, while residing in the highest possible frequency. Living in the heart will do. It is of the utmost importance to stay away from the low, fear frequencies.

In fact, these lower frequencies belong to the beings that control us: reptilians. There is also a reptilian brain in us. The reptilian part is put inside us with DNA technology, hndreds of thousands of years ago, to be able to control god-like beings, like humans, created after Gods image. Awareness, of what is going on, in and around you, and how to use that awareness for the benefit of us all, might be paramount, if you want to survive.

Life Force turns out to be a scam, unfortunately…

After suspicious actions, removing of a post with over a hundred reactions within six hours, about funding projects, actually, the need for funding, we started an investigation involving the figure head of the so called: Global organisation: Kim A Goguen.

This developed into a shit storm of accusations of fraud, cibercrime, bankrobbery, persona non grata, and gangs of crooks, working together, to deceive, and misdirect as many people as possible with lies about the restoration of the world. A plan actually stolen fron Anna Von Reitz

It is never nice when good things are used to fool people to believe lies, and get them working for free, while taking advantage of the attention to draw donations which are subsequentially used to improve ones own lifestyle.

It is not my task or intention to spend time to take action against this scammer.

So we took a distance of that, and focussed again on our own country, to make efforts to prevent Nazi’s like Klaus Schwab take over the world to create a totalitarian state, that covers the globe.

I believe that can be done. As soon as more people become to realize that we are being played to take everything away from us.

But, we will have to study, to find out the truth behind the lies. All of us have to.