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SFN, or Stichting Fix Nature, has a history of Determination and Perseverance. Properties absolutely necessary to achieve hard to reach goals.

Fixnature Project

The building of a house/hotel/B&B, to be used as a place of meeting, workshops, meditation, and overall enjoyment of life. Aware of cosmic law, and the REAL history of Gaia, our Earth.

We are building our workshop. A vegetablegarden shed, and we are almost done tearing down the old house. The budget is too small to finish everything in time. That is where you come in. It is all in the pictures in the gallery below.

Donating in FNP (Fix Nature Project) means you get something in return.

Look at it as a sort of crowd funding, which we are also preparing.

What do you get?

Depending on the amount of the donation:

  • honorable mention
  • voucher for free meal
  • voucher for free night(s)
  • your invested money back

These things are dependable on the donated amount.

Building the tulip in the S-W mainfacade. (secondfloor)

Helping us might be one of the best things you can do in your life.

We created a space for you to register, so we will know the generous spender, and will be able to reward him/her, and to make your donations. You will have to realize before you decide to give anything, that it might take some time before you will get it back. We would not want you to throw away your money, that is why we are transparent on every step of the way, and keep you posted on the achievements we have made as a result of your needed support.

Former Doghouse becomes Gardenshed/servantsquarter (only in summer) To feel earthed again.

Now follows a quite extensive gallery, with all you need to know to make up your mind about to donate to our noble cause, and thus become a valued part of it, or not. If you make it to the end, your mind will be clear. Bear witness of simple life, and nice work, full of enjoyment: All that really matters in life.

Take your time… and enjoy the ride…

The house to build, is an oakwood construction, pen and hole, like they used to build about 600 years ago.

In the gallery above, there are pictures of the facades. So you see, it is not only a plan. The work we do, we do because we want to, with love and joy.

These kind of houses, can last for a thousand years. I do not expect to live that long, but wanted to add something good to our world in my life. Many people can live here, for many many years to come. We also plan a bungalow park, with small houses build the same way. These are for rent, or sale. And because they can be dismantled, they can be put everywhere. My dream is a small community with ideals to follow. Off grid, selfsustaining. Every house has its own elecricity, vegetable garden, and septic tank. The drinkingwater will be cleaned central, to reduce the costs, and to create a better QA. Cars will be on the main road, not near the houses. On the terrain electrical vehicles will be used if necessary for transport stuff and people. But we mainly walk or bike. We lived here without electricity provider for over 45 years, but since past year there is a grid. It is much simpeler when more people need electricity. We have a generator with traction batteries. And a windmill with solarpanels, but they are not yet active. The panels and windmill we used for over 30 years are dead.

There is a large National Park about 600m. from our place, and 2 small villages, few miles from here.

Pile of Oak, has to be put together to become a House.

Right below you can make your donation.

Remember you invest in new economy here, fully transparent and open. You can come and visit, watch the progress with your own eyes, or better, volunteer, participate in the works, large or small. You are all welcome! (but not all at the same time.. (lol)

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We suppose you fully agree with your action.

SFN (Stichting Fix Nature)

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