History of Stichting Fix Nature.

Why pollute?

I do not always realize that other people might not know what Fix Nature means, despite the fact that the words are obvious, and very simple in their meaning.

Therefore i will explain the obvious, so there will be no misunderstandings left.

It all started with the declining of our natural environment. The increasing blur in the air, the pollution became more visible by the day. That was in the ’80’s.

It became worse and worse, so in 1990 we decided to do something about it, and founded our foundation: Stichting Nature Fiction. The name was chosen because sceince fiction was something that did not exist, and cleaning nature, well, would prolly never exist either. So we knew how difficult it would become. The reality was worse. Today, we know that the beings that control the illusion they created, are not effected by the pollution they cause, only the bodies they inhabit, suffer from it. And because they lack empathy, they don’t care about humans. For them they are cattle under their control.

Human cattle…

Some of the most severe pollution, was to blow crude animal shit mixed with animal piss through the air. The microbes that created raw material from food in the gas or odeur that became freed when performing the action, tried to create raw material everywhere it landed, devastating the most vulnerable trees: Fruittrees. Because it was crude, Nitrite was formed, which is very damaging to the imune system when in drinking water. And all the wells were polluted with it.

This happens…

Back then, people were heard by the national press. It was not bought and censored as much as it is now.

So, we started to put pressure on the government to change the fertilizer laws, to make the above behavior impossible. It took 10 years to complete. But the politicians that were assigned to create decent laws, were not very bright. And instead of using the advice of real experts, they winged parts of it. Un fortunately the most important part: The cause, was not addressed the proper way. And interpreted wrong: The manure cellars should become septic manure cellars, (to prevent the production of nitriet, which happens when ureum is not broken down properly), so instead of nitrite, nitrate would be formed. Which is harmless.

Human Cattle.

The changing of the fertilizer law had a lot of impact on the farmersociety.

In my village they blaimed me for the damage, instead of understanding what they had been doing, which ofcourse necessitated the changes of the entire cattle breeding. The livestock had to shrink, because we were drowning in manure. 200 farmers had to migrate to Poland, Canada, England and Australia.

There was nothing i got permission for. I had to wait 25 years, for the old council to die, before that slightly changed. Which is the reason everything took so long. A total of 35 years ‘wasted’, because i somewhat damaged the financial interests of a few rich and mighty men. But it was necessary, and i would do it again.

Author: Siddharta

Human being, heart instead of a stone, and very much alive.

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