We are very glad you decided to participate in work done by and for mere humans, in order to enrich life with things that matter: Selfless love, friendships, labour that gives satisfaction, meditations about the new heaven, new earth, and the new humans. We thank you for your action.

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Life Force turns out to be a scam, unfortunately…

After suspicious actions, removing of a post with over a hundred reactions within six hours, about funding projects, actually, the need for funding, we started an investigation involving the figure head of the so called: Global organisation: Kim A Goguen. This developed into a shit storm of accusations of fraud, cibercrime, bankrobbery, persona non grata, … Continue reading “Life Force turns out to be a scam, unfortunately…”

Time for a new post.

Many things have changed around the world. It is not clear if the changes work out for the better for the largest part of the world population. It seems that Life Force is growing fast, and it is almost possible to get funding for projects in the Netherlands. In other parts of the world projects … Continue reading “Time for a new post.”

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