In the midst of chaos, there is a place of peaceful quietness.

This place is in the eye of the storm. Find it!

Rains feed nature. And nature responds. The pictures here show the impact of a good rainfall.

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Not having an income takes away the shyness to ask for what you need, it all belonged to us from the start anyway, so why afraid to ask?

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The Gardenshed.

Converting an old, unused doghouse.

And the secrets of the craft.

Today, Juli 8, 2020, the nice shed, previous doghouse, has grown a little again. The tatcher showed me what to do next, before he can start. The more i do myself, the less expenses i have to make. The pictures show the status of this day.

When more work is done, i will put it here probably, but maybe not.

Saturday, July 11. One corner is done, and awaits cementing. To skive the roof tiles is a very dusty job, hence the water, to be able to cut mostly under it. I wear a gasmask to prevent inhaling too much baked clay. Not my favorite job. It gets postponed very easy. I hope today, Tuesday, july 14, the other corner will get the proper attention.

It was today, friday, juli 17 2020, i finished the left corner. Due to other activities and rain the other days. Real freedom means you can decide. You can choose to do whatever you want to do, at any time you want to do it. Or you can meditate. Or whatever you think is nice to do. These ‘on the job’ pictures are kind like guides. For when you want to do something yourself, and want to know how. But mainly also for myself, to keep track of what i am doing.

Today: Wednessday July 22, 2020. We got some very useful material for free. Several square meters, i guess about a hundred. We had to pick them up, so, not enough time to finish the preparations for the thatcher. Tomorrowmorning the last load for now. Than hopefully finish prep the roof for the reed.

Today, september 1, 2020, around 17:00 h. i finished the work on the shed that had to be done for the thatcher to cover the roof.

I also redid the pavement with the nice stones we got for free. This looks so much better.

I am very glad, that after this long time, finally, the work i could do myself, is done. A heatwave, and a lot of other work, interfered with this job. But now, the roof can be covered with reed. I hope the thatcher has some sparetime to finish.

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NFP, and the search for useful material at a reasonable price.

Many things are needed when you are builing stuff. Scaffolding is needed when a building is too high too reach from the ground. Seems logical. However, sometimes one just doesn’t see this beforehand. Like me. I just reached a point where it was too high to work…

For me things must be good quality, low price. That means i will have to take a look around.

And here the magic comes in: When you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can draw it out of the zeropoint. With your imagination. Which is what i did, and always do. This does not mean it is free of charge. You just find it, or better, it comes to you.

Sometimes many things have to be done before you can ‘materialize’ some thing.

Please help us grow: Donate, any amount you can spare. Your money goes directly to us.

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History of Stichting Fix Nature.

Why pollute?

I do not always realize that other people might not know what Fix Nature means, despite the fact that the words are obvious, and very simple in their meaning.

Therefore i will explain the obvious, so there will be no misunderstandings left.

It all started with the declining of our natural environment. The increasing blur in the air, the pollution became more visible by the day. That was in the ’80’s.

It became worse and worse, so in 1990 we decided to do something about it, and founded our foundation: Stichting Nature Fiction. The name was chosen because sceince fiction was something that did not exist, and cleaning nature, well, would prolly never exist either. So we knew how difficult it would become. The reality was worse. Today, we know that the beings that control the illusion they created, are not effected by the pollution they cause, only the bodies they inhabit, suffer from it. And because they lack empathy, they don’t care about humans. For them they are cattle under their control.

Human cattle…

Some of the most severe pollution, was to blow crude animal shit mixed with animal piss through the air. The microbes that created raw material from food in the gas or odeur that became freed when performing the action, tried to create raw material everywhere it landed, devastating the most vulnerable trees: Fruittrees. Because it was crude, Nitrite was formed, which is very damaging to the imune system when in drinking water. And all the wells were polluted with it.

This happens…

Back then, people were heard by the national press. It was not bought and censored as much as it is now.

So, we started to put pressure on the government to change the fertilizer laws, to make the above behavior impossible. It took 10 years to complete. But the politicians that were assigned to create decent laws, were not very bright. And instead of using the advice of real experts, they winged parts of it. Un fortunately the most important part: The cause, was not addressed the proper way. And interpreted wrong: The manure cellars should become septic manure cellars, (to prevent the production of nitriet, which happens when ureum is not broken down properly), so instead of nitrite, nitrate would be formed. Which is harmless.

Human Cattle.

The changing of the fertilizer law had a lot of impact on the farmersociety.

In my village they blaimed me for the damage, instead of understanding what they had been doing, which ofcourse necessitated the changes of the entire cattle breeding. The livestock had to shrink, because we were drowning in manure. 200 farmers had to migrate to Poland, Canada, England and Australia.

There was nothing i got permission for. I had to wait 25 years, for the old council to die, before that slightly changed. Which is the reason everything took so long. A total of 35 years ‘wasted’, because i somewhat damaged the financial interests of a few rich and mighty men. But it was necessary, and i would do it again.

Fixnature 30 Years.

What we have lost in 30 years?
Our freedom, our money, our health, all our human rights, the constitution and our freedom of speech, which was always we thought belonged in a democracy…. But a policestate is no Democracy now, is it?

Things have changed a lot since the founding of this ‘foundation’. In fact, it changes so much, that nothing will ever be the same again.

We all know, the going down the drain, started in 1996. Trias Politica, seized to be: Intro to the worldwide police state. Most people did not seem to notice what was actually going on. The bright ones, the wake ones, yes, they felt something began to feel ‘off’ with the world…

Slowly the world began to see how it would going to look…

The cabal, not so known as today, started to create the landscape:

  • No more borders
  • No more Nations
  • No more freedom
  • No more money
  • More surveilance

All according an old plan, that always worked. Devide and Conquer, top down hierarchy. Say goodby to ‘Democracy’.

Ofcourse no one should notice before it’s too late…

Corporate Brainwashingmachine

They started with the lies, as always..

And people still could not see trough them. It was still always about the money. How could the most money be ‘taken’?

  • War
  • Food
  • Health/sickness

Control, had to be the number one. So how are the people controlled?

  • Lies
  • MSM
  • False flags
  • Factory food
  • Chem trails
  • Spreading of disseases
  • Controlled opposition
  • Censorship
1996 These will be taken very soon. Fear for uprisings will be less if the people are disarmed…

We all know how it looks now.

All our freedom gone, Martial Law, Curfews, Economy devastated, Lockdown.

Very slowly the people are waking up, in disbelief of what has happened while they were asleep. Was this done by their governments? Not exactly. But they complied with it, out of ignorance, vanity or greed?

The ‘supposed’appeal before the European Court of Human Rights.

After the trial was lost, after 18 years, i took the case to the European Court of Human Rights, to find an even bigger, opener corruption. The higher i came, the corrupter it got.


This was a post of mine, shortly after the refusal to review my case in court.


Inadmissible, also a very convenient way to say: Fuck You!


This guy got promoted, shortly after turning me down, coincidence? So it seems… Fact is, this is a real career guy.

This should have been the end of the story for me. All the ways to reopen the case seemed to be closed, except one: Publicity. And this publicity is what i seek now, to get together people who stand by me, support me, to get Justice! And also to get the case known by as many people as possible.

So, dear reader, may i ask you to join my case, by following my blogs, and eventually ad comments here and there? You don’t have to be afraid something bad will happen to you, only, if i win this case, you all be rewarded for standing by me, to get Justice done.

Know this, i will never give up. The things i take on, i see to an end. For now, i can offer you knowledge, love, and affinity. But also patience, and the feeling that you support a real case.


Their tactics is to demonetize their opponent…

Ours is to stick together, and help eachother where can…

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What happens when idiots have too much power…

Needless to say this can only lead to disaster, and mainly for others than the idiots…

In 1998, a new minister of justice came into service in Holland. It was a Khazarian Jew, and it was  a great shame nice Dutch people helped him hide during the war, because it would have been much better for many, many people, if they had deported him.

This lowlife created illegal laws, that lifted the police above the law, and suspended the human- and constitutional rights of the cityzens. From that time, one was guilty, until proven innocent!

Before him, cityzens had their rights, and were innocent, until proved guilty. To legalize this law, he called it the ‘plukze’law, pluck-them law, the Dutch constitution had to be changed. The opposition was great, and the constitution was not changed. The law was taken into use, despite the fact it was illegal.

With this law, the police became almighty, a policestate was founded. From then until now, the policeforce transformed into the most advanced and protected robbersgang of the Netherlands. Only in 2016 they robbed for about 300 million from al kinds of businessmen. This was made possible due to the fact, that from the time this law was taken into service, people’s rights were suspended, because of the ‘guilty until proven innocent’, ‘the reversal of the burden of proof’, and, if someone was called ‘suspect’, somewhere during the investigation, the right for compensation was forfeited. Totally injust law, that should give the police the advantage to be able to rob the ‘suspect’, while he was taken into custody, without the right to an attorney, present during the investigaton to protect his rights: The rights were suspended remember? With the owner away, they had enough time to take all laptops, pc’s and money they could find, not to ever give it back. Also, nobody was responsible for the theft and the destruction that was caused during the ‘investigation’, because when called ‘suspect’, all compensation was forfeit: Very convenient injust law, to be able to rob everyone that they would call ‘suspect’.

I was a victim of this law. Because before this law came into use, all was different, kind of the opposite, and i had worked seven years already to create my new species, and this was the year of the big harvest, the eight’ year. The police was brainwashed into the new method, and seemed completely different than before, there was no reasoning with them anymore, they did not have to reason with people with no rights, remember?

In Holland, the Maryuana was soft drugs, and tolerated everywhere. It was embedded in soceity, and curing and easing pain. There was a lobby to get Cannabis out of the legalsystem completely, and it seemed that could happen. For over 30 years, there was experimented, and no harm whatsoever was detected, only benefit.


But this guy, was totaly unaware of cannabis: He had looked through a window into a coffee-shop once, and now he would be in control of the justice department… a disaster, i tell you, for every free person in holland.

This ignorant ripped the whole soceity apart, and stigmatized the use of the Cannabis. Unfortunately, the whole scene had go underground, and in hiding.

So everything, hundreds of thousands of people had worked for during 30+ years, went down the drain. The train was pushed off the rails… It took a while before we all realized how bad it was… And when we did, it was too late to do anything about it…

I heard yesterday that from this day, the government in Holland is allowed to solely and only grow the Cannabis. They muscled all the individuals out, and take control over the culture. A big corporation seems to get all the rights for the whole of Europe… It is very well possible that there will be GMO Cannabis flooding the market. Monopoly. I guess we are all fucked, unless, we just continue what we have ever done: Grow our own.

De ‘Enige Echte’ Oplossing?

De ‘enige echte’ oplossing voor de eurocrisis, is de munt devalueren tot het gemiddelde van alle europese munten van voor de euro.

Dat moet natuurlijk wel met beleid gedaan worden, liefst in drie fasen van 3 maanden.

Bij elke wijziging moet natuurlijk de benodigde hoeveelheid geld bijgedrukt worden, en alle particuliere en zakelijke bankrekeningen gecompenseerd.

Dan gaan de prijzen laten zien dat ze met de huidige waarde veel te hoog zijn, en passen zich naar beneden aan.

Binnen een jaar daarna, praat niemand meer over de eurocrisis.

Dat gaat alleen niet gebeuren omdat de financiele markten en china dan in een andere positie zouden komen: Niet meer dicterend.

Er is helaas geen leider te vinden die dit aandurft, te bang voor gezichtsverlies, of erger: verlies van geld! De arme sukkels…